CBC Monthly Book Club



Why a book club?:       Because we invariably talk about the books that we read at coffee and a few of us thought this would be a good idea, and why not!  You can grab a coffee or a drink at the bar too!
Everyone welcome, but hopefully with an interest in books and happy to talk about what you are reading, favourite books, and ideas for a common book to read.


We meet at The Ship in Christchurch, 7.45 pm for All book loving club members are welcome to join us.

Telephone or text Christine Ratcliffe 079822330845 for info

Happy reading – !
Thank you!

CBC Members recommendations V1 –

a list of the books which members talked about and recommended. They should all have hyperlinks to Amazon so that you can click on the title and find out a little more about them. There’s a real mixture of crime fiction, funny odd books, classics and biographies. It was really interesting to hear about them and it has certainly given me some good ideas.
Book Club Organiser

Christine Ratcliffe (07982 233084)


All ideas for social events are greatly welcomed !!!

Please email Linda at