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Annual Membership – Pay by Paypal

Pay for your Annual Membership using Palpal. You do not need a PayPal account as you can select to pay by credit or debit card.

 Subscription Fees

Members not renewing by 31st March will be assumed to have resigned from the club and will have to use the Re/Joining option.

People applying to join for the first time should use the Re/Join options to pay.


Spring Chickens ( under 60 )


Re/Join Spring Chickens


Old Crocks ( 60 and over)


Re/Join Old Crocks ( 60 and over)


Family Membership


Re/Join Family Membership


Really Old Buggers ( 75 and over )


Re/Join Really Old Buggers ( 75 and over )


Second Claim


2nd claim members are deemed to have a competitive allegiance to a different club and are not entitled to hold Christchurch Bicycle Club competition records and trophies.

Club Data Protection Policy.


Annual Membership Type

The button below is here as a test, however you are welcome to use it to donate to the club, please don’t use it for any other payment as it will be treated as a donation!