CBC Entry into the New Milton Pedal Car Race (UPDATE)

I have handed over the money to Macmillan from the Macminions our total with the help of gift aid is £783.91.
Which is great considering how little time we had after our Irish adventure.

Just like to give a big thank you for the club members who got behind us especially our
Thursday group, Bob Baker who was such a great help on the day. Sue Saunders, Christine our lovely chairman David and his wife who supported us during the day with
a few others popping in.

We had a disaster in the first half hour and lost a wheel but in true spirit of the girls who don’t give up we got back in the race and came third with a little trophy for the team. Many thanks to our mechanics Bob and Rob without them we would never have done it.


At great expense the club had a promotional video made, by Denise’s and Stuart’s son, Charlie.

See it HERE and whilst enjoying it don’t forget if you would like to help Macmillan and support the CBC pedal car team in raising money then you can donate HERE. (There is a space “Donation in Memory of”, put Ann Mable)

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  1. Brilliant short film by Charlie. Thanks for that

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